The Central Park Pac-12 pickup softball game has been around for at least 15 years. This year, the NY Utes have been invited to participate.

We would like to gauge the interest of the NYC Chapter members. Here are some details:

The PAC-12 has secured a permit for Central Park North Meadow every Saturday from 1-3 from April through August. The permit allows for 20 games this year (there are no make ups for rain outs).

UCLA currently organizes the event and adds the following:

It’s a weekly and casual pick up game. Emphasis on “casual.” We have some heavy hitters but complete newbies are welcome. It is more social than anything. We tend to go out after the game for drinks.
We meet around 12:30 to warm up and by 1 we pick teams and then play. Sometimes we keep score, sometimes we don’t. Last year we had about 20-40 people show up per game. In previous years we would average 10-15 showing up. The game has grown 🙂
We only provide bases and balls. Most people have their own gloves but we can share between innings. And a few of us have bats for communal use.
Every week I post a reminder on the PAC-12 Facebook page. I also post announcements if there are rainouts. 

Depending on how many schools participate, the cost could be as little as $40 per chapter. If enough NYC Utes express interest, the chapter would be happy to foot the bill for participation.

If you are interested in participating, please email by the end of the day this Friday. We will send an email to the chapter on Monday based on the feedback received.

Go Utes!